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Bishop John Zechariah

The generally agreed-upon definition of “Healing & Deliverance Ministry” will usually focus on the casting out of demons or spirits in an attempt to solve problems related to specific demons. For example, a deliverance minister may seek to help someone overcome anger by casting out a spirit of anger. Deliverance ministries also focus on tearing down spiritual stronghold's in one’s life, finding inner healing, and claiming the victory in Jesus Christ over all enemies.  I pray for people by anointing them with oil and the laying on of hands through the power of the Holy Spirt and through Jesus Christ.

I also pray for Miracles Healing  by the laying on of hands and anointing oil.  God hasn’t changed since the days of Jesus or Paul, so we shouldn’t be surprised if God anoints some of His servants today with such a healing anointing, as He did Jesus and Paul.  The main reason we anoint with oil is to consecrate a person, place or thing to God. Anointing with oil also is part of the church’s ministry to the sick.

Whatever the reason for anointing with oil, it is important to understand that it is God working through you and your belief in Him. You are exercising faith in a loving and all-powerful God.

If you need prayer, are sick in body, or in need of deliverance please contact me by stating your need on our Prayer request link Request for Prayer.

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