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Bishop John Zechariah

The purpose of Outreach Ministry is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone we meet; through personal witnessing, tracks, DVD's of The Jesus Movie, and the sharing the Word of God. To provide spiritual, educational, and social events and activities throughout the community that will promote Godly relationships. To equip individuals to serve one another; first within their families, communities, our nation, and throughout the world.  Our outreach also expands very importantly to the Islamic community by sharing Counter Jihad Collision "CJC" to uncover the Islamic ideology and to educate people so they will not be deceived by this false teaching.

The Outreach Ministry will:

  • Reach those that are incarcerated, hospitalized, institutionalized, and those that are in need of the gospel outside of a traditional church setting.

  • Teach the Word of God in order to provide clear guidelines and instructions necessary to develop character and the qualities of Jesus Christ. Teaching all to be responsible for ones actions, to be accountable to others, and the importance of serving the needs of others as the true trademarks of leadership.

  • Disciple individuals in a manner that encourages a continued pursuit of the newfound relationship with Jesus Christ, while emphasizing the significance of committing and connecting with a local church.

  • Lead by example, a lifestyle that exemplifies what it means to be a follower of Christ (a Christian).






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